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Treats for the boys!

25th January 2018


Her Tale (Friday 4th November 2017)

I am beginning to wonder if Siamese Cat Pasha really was the culprit dragging the heavy faux fur throw off the bed and around upstairs yesterday? Because this morning I caught Tanni in the act of knocking over freshly laundered and ironed linen (waiting to be put away) and pulling it across the room. Should I be surprised? Perhaps not as back in the summer I found Tanni had dragged a cat blanket through the cat flap where it had become stuck. I have no idea how he managed to jump through the tiny gap to get back in!

But that’s Cats for you – always resourceful!

Why are they both suddenly intent on re-arranging the soft furnishings and linen I wonder? Most likely due to boredom now they are spending more time indoors. I tell them many other cats are spending more time indoors too….  Then the two Siamese boys gaze back at me with those gorgeous deep blue eyes…. And I completely fall under their spell and melt….

Shock…horror I have just realized we are running low on Pasha & Tanni’s favourite treats – Hi Life Chicken Breast Treats (100% chicken breast, hand prepared & and no artificial additives).

I must remember to order a box from Amazon right away or the Siamese boys won’t be impressed…… It’s free delivery and with any luck the new box will arrive before the greedy duo will have finished this last packet!

Meanwhile it’s Bonfire weekend – don’t forget to keep Cats Dogs and all other pets inside. Got a nervous pet?  Forget going to that firework display and join me watching Strictly with a box of chocolates or a hot toddy – I can’t quite decide which!

Happy weekend from Pasha & Tanni!


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