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The Merry Month of May!

9th May 2018

Her Tale (Wednesday 9th May 2018)


The Siamese dudes Pasha & Tanni are in their element – the Spring is here and soon to roll into Summer. The blossom and the lilacs are out and the roses are just beginning to bud. But the Siamese boys are much more interested in slow worms wriggling around and Squirrel Nutkin putting in an appearance. So far there has been no sightings of the bats swooping low just after sun set. But it can only be just a matter of time.

Already the sun loungers have been taken over by Pasha & Tanni. As soon as I set them up the boys can’t wait for me to put the cushion covers on let alone spreading the towels out. There is always a race for who gets to take over the loungers first. Invariably Pasha & Tanni win!

love from Pasha & Tanni xx

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