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Snow show!

22nd January 2018

Her Tale (Monday 22nd January 2018)


It still feels strange writing 2018 somehow 2017 seemed much easier to write…

Yesterday the snow arrived and Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni were mesmerised and couldn’t take their beautiful blue eyes off the swirling white flakes. The did venture out a couple of times for all of about 5 minutes. I am beginning to suspect that they only went out in order to collect their warm towel rub down as soon as they bounded back indoors! They are two very smart Siamese boys!

Today the sun shone and the outdoors warmed up – at least for a short while. I shared my lunch with Pasha & Tanni sitting in the conservatory with the door wide open and the sun streaming in. For a short while it seemed as if spring might be just around the corner. After yesterdays snow that was nothing short of a miracle!

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