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Rain rain go away!

10th April 2018

Her Tale (Tuesday 10th April 2018)

It seems to have been raining non-stop for days – even before Easter. Which is good for ducks rivers, streams, and reservoirs but not much fun for adventure seeking Cats! As I mentioned to Pasha & Tanni only this morning much more of this and I will look around for an ark!

Still it can only mean that the warm spring weather is on it’s way….and not a moment too soon!

Am I the only one late with Spring planting? With all this non-stop rain I am not in the mood to pot up tomato plants or plant potatoes. With any luck this weekend will see a turn around in our weather fortunes – hoorah!

Meanwhile Tanni is continuing to teach me Cat-speak which once you get the hang of it is all centred around the tone and sometimes repetition. Tanni and I have our most interesting conversations just before bed time when he is particularly chatty which is strange as he is a bit of a sleepy head. But always first up in the mornings.

Pasha being Action Cat is far too busy to bother with Cat speak lessons preferring to leave that sort of thing to Tanni! Whenever I try out this newly learned vocabulary on other unsuspecting Cats it generally gets an impressed response. Perhaps Cats have been trying for ever to teach us silly humans Cat speak? Now it’s time to follow their lead. After all if Cats can learn our vocabulary it seems a bit rude not to learn theirs!

Happy Cat speak lessons to all from Pasha & Tanni xx

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