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Pasha’s early Valentine gift….

9th February 2018

Her Tale (Friday 9th February 2018)

All was quiet….too quiet….as the Siamese boys were outdoors in the garden….but I was far too busy with work to dwell on it.

Suddenly Pasha appeared at the window trying hard to hang on to a large furry creature – much bigger than him – whilst putting a paw on the window for me to let him in.

My immediate reaction was to scream and look around for someone else to deal with this….but I knew I was on my own with this one! I rushed outside to take a closer look and Pasha immediately jumped down from the window sill dragging this creature over to me… As if this wasn’t bad enough it appeared Tanni had a furry creature of his own….And there was yet another one lying outside on the path outside!

As I took a closer look I realized these furry creatures were in fact an enormous chunk of roof and wall insulation….where on earth had they got this from? A few quick calls to the immediate neighbours drew a blank. Further investigation was required…. So I set off to find the nearest building project and home occupants. As I approached I could see a huddle of neighbours no doubt discussing the kleptomaniac Siamese Cats….I soon found the wall insulation owner and arranged to return the pilfered wadding. I also got to meet the new neighbour – I have a feeling she isn’t going to forget us in a hurry…..


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