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Pasha gets the seal of approval

15th January 2018

Her Tale (Monday 15th January 2018)

I’ve noticed the pigeons are wising up over Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni’s time share of the garden. Whereas not so long ago they would get caught out as the Siamese boys streaked out of the back door racing across to the bird tables. Now they are keeping a wary eye out for the crazy human rushing ahead of the Cats waving arms and clapping like mad to alert them to cat danger. The pigeons disappear and no-one gets hurt –phew! But I’ve noticed Pasha & Tanni don’t look best pleased….

Yesterday as I was filling up the bird feeder hanging on the cherry tree there was a sudden whoosh …and Pasha landed on the tree doing acrobatics. Pasha has a fun sense of humour and likes to surprise me!

After a good lunch out with friends I plumped up the cushions on the sofa ready to settle down and watch The Big Cats programme on telly. On cue Pasha & Tanni came and joined me with their eyes fixated on the screen watching the snow leopard, the cheetahs and sundry other big cats. At one stage the baby leopard was learning how to carry off the antelope Mother leopard had brought home. Almost immediately Pasha disappeared only to return with his own ‘prey’ – a folded throw on an upstairs window sill.

When I praised him for being a clever Cat he purred and became one very chuffed boy…. Even Tanni managed to look impressed!


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