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Snow show!

Snow show!

22nd January 2018

Her Tale (Monday 22nd January 2018)


It still feels strange writing 2018 somehow 2017 seemed much easier to write…

Yesterday the snow arrived and Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni were mesmerised and couldn’t take their beautiful blue eyes off the swirling white flakes. The did venture out a couple of times for all of about 5 minutes. I am beginning to suspect that they only went out in order to collect their warm towel rub down as soon as they bounded back indoors! They are two very smart Siamese boys!

Today the sun shone and the outdoors warmed up – at least for a short while. I shared my lunch with Pasha & Tanni sitting in the conservatory with the door wide open and the sun streaming in. For a short while it seemed as if spring might be just around the corner. After yesterdays snow that was nothing short of a miracle!

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Pasha gets the seal of approval

15th January 2018

Her Tale (Monday 15th January 2018)

I’ve noticed the pigeons are wising up over Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni’s time share of the garden. Whereas not so long ago they would get caught out as the Siamese boys streaked out of the back door racing across to the bird tables. Now they are keeping a wary eye out for the crazy human rushing ahead of the Cats waving arms and clapping like mad to alert them to cat danger. The pigeons disappear and no-one gets hurt –phew! But I’ve noticed Pasha & Tanni don’t look best pleased….

Yesterday as I was filling up the bird feeder hanging on the cherry tree there was a sudden whoosh …and Pasha landed on the tree doing acrobatics. Pasha has a fun sense of humour and likes to surprise me!

After a good lunch out with friends I plumped up the cushions on the sofa ready to settle down and watch The Big Cats programme on telly. On cue Pasha & Tanni came and joined me with their eyes fixated on the screen watching the snow leopard, the cheetahs and sundry other big cats. At one stage the baby leopard was learning how to carry off the antelope Mother leopard had brought home. Almost immediately Pasha disappeared only to return with his own ‘prey’ – a folded throw on an upstairs window sill.

When I praised him for being a clever Cat he purred and became one very chuffed boy…. Even Tanni managed to look impressed!


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8th January 2018

Her Tale (Monday 8th January 2018)

Already the second Monday in January – how did that happen? Must’ve been while I was out sales shopping!

Siamese cats Pasha & Tanni are growing resigned to the short gloomy days and going out for only short spells during the day. In many ways it is blissful having the boys with me in the home office while I work – after a summer and early autumn of them running around outdoors and only coming home during the day to dine or use the cat litter tray.

Latest hot-off-the-press moment has been introducing Tanni to wearing a collar with a bell attached to keep the birds as safe as possible.

As a tiny kitten Tanni wore his little tan kitty collar proudly – no problem. But now as a youngster he seems to have taken against it.

I started out by introducing it while he lolled on the cat tree and had my full attention while Pasha was outside. As I put it on Tanni arched his neck. It reminded me of trying to tighten up a girth on a reluctant pony! Eventually it was in place and before Tanni could remonstrate I let him play with Pasha’s favourite toy. Diversionary tactic seemed to work and he happily played forgetting about the collar – until a few minutes later he sauntered past without the collar…

I tried again…..and again….but no way was he going to keep the collar on..

I shall keep persevering even if he only gets to wear the collar indoors for a short while. Just in case he ever needs to wear a veterinary collar I think it best he gets used to it.

Re wearing it outside I am still deliberating…. Clearly I want to give the birds a sporting chance while they are still feeding at the bird table (the Siamese boys don’t go out till the birds have had their early morning feed and come in before the birds end of day feed) But at the same time I have yet to be convinced collars are entirely safe for a young boy Cat climbing trees and racing across fences criss-crossed with climbing shrubs like honey suckle and clematis.

Meanwhile as Pasha isn’t a hunter there is no need for him to wear a collar outdoors but he could do with a few indoor lessons.

If only life were simple….


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Wind in the willows

4th January 2018

Her Tale (Thursday 4th January 2018)


The wind in the willows whistled and Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni answered the call… As they rushed headlong out into the gales they jumped up and pirouetted and danced to the rhythm of the wind.

For a while I stood transfixed watching them run and play together. If happiness could be bottled and sold then today we would be money millionaires….

But much better than this today we are happiness millionaires which is truly priceless!!!

A parcel arrived earlier….and Siamese boys Pasha & Tanni crowded round. But this time it wasn’t for them…. As I opened the box expectation grew as they excitedly tugged at the wrapping. To me it was just packaging but to the Siamese duo it offered up exciting play potential….

Time to hide away the packaging….smile…. and reach for the treats jar!


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2nd January 2018

 Her Tale (Tuesday 2nd January 2018)

Happy new year to all our friends both feline & human!

The year got off to an excellent start listening to the chimes of Big Ben wrapped around by scaffolding. The sound of fireworks outside made Pasha & Tanni prick up their ears but interestingly they completely ignored the sound of the London new year fireworks in full swing! The boys were given their favourite treats to get their year off to the best possible start – and I completely forgot to toast in the new year myself! It was much later that I thought about it…… and settled for a net of chocolate coins instead.

The lure of the super Moon last night caught Pasha up in the lunar beams…. He trotted around the house for a good three hours after bedtime….jumping up on the window sills to gaze at the silvery globe. Tanni meanwhile was happy to curl up at my feet and watch Pasha’s antics.

A rainy old day today and neither Siamese boy could be tempted to go outside. Instead they amused themselves by following me around with their new favourite toy.

No amount of explaining that I was back in the office could thwart them. In the end I reckoned if you can’t beat them join them….and joined in with feline games!


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