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New year is here!

2nd January 2018

Into the New Year with Pasha & Tanni


The New Year has arrived and with it the opportunity to make new Resolutions. Siamese boys Pasha and Tanni were born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer – and I tell them their resolution should be to watch the waistline and don’t go pinching food from another Cat. Tanni gazes back at me with his deep blue eyes the colour of corn flowers wearing his most innocent look ‘What me? Pinch Pasha’s food? Is that what you think? I tell him I don’t just think, I know what he has been up to and Pasha is daft enough to let him get away with it! But far from being chubby Tanni is lynx like and lean with muscles most human guys would be envious of!

The last of the Christmas decorations have been put away for another year and the Siamese duo were in their element trying to unwrap things as soon as I had wrapped them. And then of course there was the jumping in and out of the boxes crash landing on delicate festive bits and bobs. In the end I had to distract them with treats to let me get on with wrapping up Christmas.

With Pasha & Tanni spending so much time indoors in the warm I am eager to give them the best in home comforts. On each wooden window sill I have placed soft blankets for them to sit and bird watch in comfort. Well that was the theory! In practice as soon as my back is turned they knock these down and drag them across the floor upstairs downstairs and on occasions through the cat flap. I have reached the conclusion some Cats you just can’t help!

When they get bored I know it’s time to be inventive and devise a new game to capture their interest. Though so far greedy Tanni’s favourite game is to play treasure hunts with a find the clues to lead to treats treasure.

Pasha’s favourite game is to climb anything and everything. The higher and the more difficult the better! But he is also partial to patting the back of my legs or my backside as I go upstairs. He is very gentle with claws sheathed but he clearly finds this amusing! I am still wondering how he discovered this game? He has certainly not seen any of this behaviour in our household or when he was with Sue our lovely breeder and her family.

Is it something he perhaps saw on TV? But there’s nothing I can recall? Or has he observed this behaviour in one of the homes he calls into when the mood takes him?

Tanni watches Pasha do his party piece and then not to be outdone he goes through his own party piece which is to roll over in front of you as you walk and invite you to stroke his tummy. This he gets from the boys’ Grandma Layla!

When the wind howls down the chimney Pasha being a brave sort of Cat rushes over to investigate convinced there is an animal to fend off. Meanwhile Tanni’s instinct is more flight then fight as he rushes for high ground.

But then Tanni is Head of Spooks as he frequently stares at …nothing we can see! Initially I thought perhaps this might be an animal or owl outside. But often he gazes at something which to him appears to be moving around the room which blows out the animal or owl outside theory. Sometimes whatever he is watching makes it’s way back across the room and out of the door. An insect perhaps? Who knows and Tanni certainly isn’t telling!

Sometimes to amuse themselves the Siamese duo seek out unexpected places to hide away and snooze. Their pleasure when they can take me by surprise has to be seen to be believed. Pasha & Tanni clearly have a good sense of humour!

But for all the indoor pleasures I can’t help feeling they miss their companions the other Cats, the guinea pigs and assorted wildlife. With the exception of the chickens.

I caught Pasha up on the fence not long ago spying on something in a neighbours garden. He was clearly fascinated but he had no intention of jumping down to investigate further. He did the classic Cat thing of leaning forward but at the same time pulling back. When I went to investigate I found a couple of the neighbour’s chickens were out. Having tangled with the chickens a few times before this time Pasha wasn’t taking any chances!

Happy New Year from Pasha & Tanni!

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