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8th January 2018

Her Tale (Monday 8th January 2018)

Already the second Monday in January – how did that happen? Must’ve been while I was out sales shopping!

Siamese cats Pasha & Tanni are growing resigned to the short gloomy days and going out for only short spells during the day. In many ways it is blissful having the boys with me in the home office while I work – after a summer and early autumn of them running around outdoors and only coming home during the day to dine or use the cat litter tray.

Latest hot-off-the-press moment has been introducing Tanni to wearing a collar with a bell attached to keep the birds as safe as possible.

As a tiny kitten Tanni wore his little tan kitty collar proudly – no problem. But now as a youngster he seems to have taken against it.

I started out by introducing it while he lolled on the cat tree and had my full attention while Pasha was outside. As I put it on Tanni arched his neck. It reminded me of trying to tighten up a girth on a reluctant pony! Eventually it was in place and before Tanni could remonstrate I let him play with Pasha’s favourite toy. Diversionary tactic seemed to work and he happily played forgetting about the collar – until a few minutes later he sauntered past without the collar…

I tried again…..and again….but no way was he going to keep the collar on..

I shall keep persevering even if he only gets to wear the collar indoors for a short while. Just in case he ever needs to wear a veterinary collar I think it best he gets used to it.

Re wearing it outside I am still deliberating…. Clearly I want to give the birds a sporting chance while they are still feeding at the bird table (the Siamese boys don’t go out till the birds have had their early morning feed and come in before the birds end of day feed) But at the same time I have yet to be convinced collars are entirely safe for a young boy Cat climbing trees and racing across fences criss-crossed with climbing shrubs like honey suckle and clematis.

Meanwhile as Pasha isn’t a hunter there is no need for him to wear a collar outdoors but he could do with a few indoor lessons.

If only life were simple….


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