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Happy Burns Day!

25th January 2018

Her Tale (Thursday 25th January 2018)


I have told Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni that today is Burns Day in honour of the renowned Scottish poet Robbie Burns…. I told them he had a clever way with words and wrote beautiful poetry about love…and roses…. and many other things.      Pasha looked at me as if to say ‘you know what human? I am busy…in fact I am very busy…and far too busy to think about love, roses & poetry….’

I then tried Tanni who is the sensitive kind expecting a more positive response. He looked at me as if to say ‘’Did this Robbie Burns have a Cat…’? I had to reply that I wasn’t sure but I did know that he wrote beautiful romantic poetry….Tanni turned tail and sauntered off as if to say ‘romance….poetry….? I would rather have a Cat treat!

I am forced to the conclusion that some Cats just don’t appreciate the beauty of poetry – just as well I love them both anyway!


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