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Flaming June!

14th June 2018

Her Tale (Thursday 14th June 2018)


Flaming June and the cherry tree outside the window is covered with nearly ripe. cherries. I am sure the birds have too!

Long ago I made a deal with the birds. Leave me the raspberries and you can help yourself to any other fruit in the garden…. After all I can to go to the greengrocer or the supermarket to buy my fruit while they are left to fend for themselves and forage around for whatever they can find.

With the birds residing in the garden I reckon they are their cherries just as much as mine. Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a great supporter of wildlife. While we humans encroach more and more onto the land it’s up to us to share the bounty from Planet Earth.

Pasha & Tanni are all for supporting wild life but for slightly more suspicious reasons given half the chance…..

The garden is lush and full of roses…..not long now till the summer solstice and the longest day of the year…..soon after follows Midsummers Day….

The Siamese dudes wake up early just as dawn breaks following the call from the wild from their ancestors down the centuries. Full scale play takes place often with the human bed becoming a racing track. Until they eventually collapse exhausted in a heap of tails and paws…..

When the morning alarm clock goes off they have the cheek to look put out at being woken up! Pasha particularly can be a bit of a sleepy head…. While Tanni is up like a shot ready for more Siamese adventures……


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