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17th October 2017

Home-made Toys


It’s all too easy to spend a fortune on your pet only to have your Cat give you that special feline withering look and walk away.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We all know that a Cat’s favourite toy is an empty cardboard box. Even better if it has port holes cut out at the sides.

Here area few ideas I have tried out on Pasha & Tanni and which have passes the selective Siamese test! If you would like to send us in your ideas please do so


Ball games

Invest in a roll of silver foil and you’ll soon find it is a good investment.

Scrunch up foil to make balls. You will need to make a batch of them to replace when some go missing.

Tie a piece of string securely around the ball and tie to the back of a chair.

Keep a few loose in the toy box to play with your Cat in one to one bonding.

Cost: £3.00 foil £1.00 string (but both these should last for ages)>


Invest in a bag of woollen pom poms from Hobbycraft and other stores.

Tie a[piece of string around the ball and make a knot perhaps two at the other end of the string to make a double sided toy.

Tie string securely around the ball and tie to the back of a chair.

Keep one loose in the toy box to play with your Cat in one to one bonding sessions.

Cost: £3.00 a large bag of rainbow pomp oms which will last for ages.


Wand games

Re-commission an old wand sometimes called a fishing rod.

Use the ties on the shoulders of frocks t-shirts jumpers etc. Make a spider and tie string around the spider body. Attach the string to the wand.

Cost: next to nothing.

This can be adapted with a sweet paper, rubber, elastic band (but don’t leave your Cat unattended with a rubber band as this could cause choking if eaten.)


Cat nip games

Fill a clean old sock with catnip and work into a sausage shape.

Cost: £3.00 catnip or catnip spray.


Old packets & boxes

Remove plastic bags and packing first.

Cost: nothing


Treasure Hunt

When the weather gets bad and they are bored indoors sprinkle a few crunchies or treats around a favourite toy or scratching post or on the cat tree. Or you could opt for a floor standing plant scatter crunchies under the leaves or around the outside.

Cost: nothing



Build a fort or castle out of cardboard and let your creative imagination run riot!

Cost nothing



Buy a bag of long chenille pipe cleaners in rainbow colours is fun!




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