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A February morning….

7th February 2018

Her Tale (Wednesday 7th February 2018)


Another beautiful but icy winters day. Overnight we had a dusting of snow and this morning there was a variety of birds around the various feeders hanging from the cherry tree. All of a sudden I noticed a green flash – a parakeet must have noticed the new peanut holder. Do they eat peanuts? I believe so. Squawk gets around quickly in bird land!

As I went out to top up the feeders – amazing how quickly a flock of pigeons can strip a bird feeder – Pasha clambered up the tree like a squirrel and carried out a series of acrobatic moves. He really is so funny! I got the feeling the new peanut feeder may have been blocking his path as he hesitated trying to pick his way back down again.

It was so cold out we both made a dash for indoors – Pasha won the race!

Tanni wisely sat on the window sill watching and keeping his four chocolate paws warm and toasty!

Love Pasha & Tanni xx


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