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The Merry Month of May!

9th May 2018

Her Tale (Wednesday 9th May 2018)


The Siamese dudes Pasha & Tanni are in their element – the Spring is here and soon to roll into Summer. The blossom and the lilacs are out and the roses are just beginning to bud. But the Siamese boys are much more interested in slow worms wriggling around and Squirrel Nutkin putting in an appearance. So far there has been no sightings of the bats swooping low just after sun set. But it can only be just a matter of time.

Already the sun loungers have been taken over by Pasha & Tanni. As soon as I set them up the boys can’t wait for me to put the cushion covers on let alone spreading the towels out. There is always a race for who gets to take over the loungers first. Invariably Pasha & Tanni win!

love from Pasha & Tanni xx

Rain rain go away!

10th April 2018

Her Tale (Tuesday 10th April 2018)

It seems to have been raining non-stop for days – even before Easter. Which is good for ducks rivers, streams, and reservoirs but not much fun for adventure seeking Cats! As I mentioned to Pasha & Tanni only this morning much more of this and I will look around for an ark!

Still it can only mean that the warm spring weather is on it’s way….and not a moment too soon!

Am I the only one late with Spring planting? With all this non-stop rain I am not in the mood to pot up tomato plants or plant potatoes. With any luck this weekend will see a turn around in our weather fortunes – hoorah!

Meanwhile Tanni is continuing to teach me Cat-speak which once you get the hang of it is all centred around the tone and sometimes repetition. Tanni and I have our most interesting conversations just before bed time when he is particularly chatty which is strange as he is a bit of a sleepy head. But always first up in the mornings.

Pasha being Action Cat is far too busy to bother with Cat speak lessons preferring to leave that sort of thing to Tanni! Whenever I try out this newly learned vocabulary on other unsuspecting Cats it generally gets an impressed response. Perhaps Cats have been trying for ever to teach us silly humans Cat speak? Now it’s time to follow their lead. After all if Cats can learn our vocabulary it seems a bit rude not to learn theirs!

Happy Cat speak lessons to all from Pasha & Tanni xx


15th March 2018

Her Tale (Thursday 15th March 2018)

Update on the Mouse King….

Pasha brought home a mouse a couple of days ago…and not just any mouse…but a big mouse… Now I might be a bit slow here…but a couple of people have pointed out that in all likelihood a big mouse is in fact a young rat! And if it was indeed a youngster there will be others in the nest or close by which Pasha will know about….

Now I have no problem with mice, rats, or birds but I would prefer them to remain outside the house rather than inside…so for now the cat flap remains closed to be opened on demand when I can see Pasha & Tanni have nothing furry or feathered in their mouth.

I have told Pasha I was very impressed with his hunting prowess at bringing home his first prey that I know about …but can we just leave it at that….and no more creatures!

Meanwhile Tanni gave a knowing look which I didn’t trust for an instant…


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Pasha The Mouse King

13th March 2018

Her Tale (Tuesday 13th March 2018

Today Siamese Cat Pasha the Mouse King is looking contrite as he tries to ramp up his PR after the unfortunate mouse incident of yesterday.  Perhaps it has something to do with the talk I gave him pointing out no good came to the Mouse King in The Nutcracker…. So perhaps we he might like to reconsider his getting involved with the local mouse population….and leave them in peace.

Tanni Cat meanwhile continues to hide and then ambush the birds when they approach the bird tables. Luckily he is white and the birds can spot him lurking beneath the low lying conifer branches.

I am beginning to think that keeping two energetic Siamese youngsters away from the feathered and squeaky creatures is fast becoming akin to trying sort out Brexit…. taking a great deal more time, effort and ingenuity than I ever thought possible……

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Woof woof!

12th March 2018

Her Tale (Monday 12th March 2018)

Just spent a fabulous weekend watching Crufts Dog Show on telly with Tanni. He particularly enjoyed watching the agility getting caught up in the excitement and drama. But it was when he saw the cute little Papillon, Howard that he craned forward to get a better look! Could it be because Howard was white like him? Because he was tiny like a Cat? Who knows? But it is interesting to see a Cat has a favourite in the Dog world….

The conservatory is full of blooms with two troughs of hyacinths, one blue and one white and a trough of dwarf daffodils which I should call narcissus, but they look like miniature daffodils to me! The air is thick with the scent of hyacinths which neither Pasha or Tanni seem to like. They pass by the hyacinths quickly despite them being in one of their favourite spots. Whereas the daffs /narcissus the Siamese boys seem to like. Perhaps it is their long graceful stems or perhaps they like the colour yellow? In future I shall go easy on the hyacinths and plant daffs and narcissus instead!


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