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The Adventures of a Siamese Cat Household

Tanni’s ambitious quest

21st February 2018

Her Tale (Wednesday 21st February 2018)


Tanni my cute & loving chocolate point Siamese continues on his late night prowl on the look-out for cuddly toys….Not just any old toys… I have tried placing one of his toys in front of my treasured teddy bears but he isn’t the slightest bit interested and he won’t be thwarted…..

So far he has pounced on a toy poodle, a mouse-sized Paddington bear, as well as the teddy.

But I had to smile when he began tweaking the tail of a toy lion as big as him…and not just once but repeatedly… I found myself offering up a piece of sage advice…….. it could be a mistake to teak the tail of any animal and expect to get away with it!

Tanni it has to be said is unimpressed…..

Just now I caught Tanni rushing towards the cherry tree where a collared dove was perched on the top. Whether the bird was frozen with fear or intent on teasing him I can’t say…. But it didn’t move till I rushed out waving my arms and calling Tanni.

Pasha it has to be said is far too sophisticated for such games and is off climbing trees in a neighbours garden.


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Year of the Dog!

16th February 2018

Her Tale (Friday 16th February 2018)

Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni would like to wish all their readers a very happy Chinese new year of the Dog!

Despite being Cats they have no ill feeling towards dogs whatsoever….having been born under the year of the Sheep they still have no ill feeling towards dogs! Though it has to be said they aren’t massively keen on the sweet little brown poodle Phoebe at the end of the garden – but then she does bark a lot whenever she sees them!

Happy Chinese new year from Pasha & Tanni!


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14th February 2018

Happy Valentines Day!



Pasha & Tanni


Cat Show

11th February 2018

Her Tale (Sunday 11th February 2018)

I had a lovely time at the Cat Show where there were wall to wall Siamese Cats – all beautiful and very special – especially Pasha & Tanni’s little sister Isla – who is just the cutest and loveliest little girl Cat! Isla won two rosettes – being a little Leo she is a natural at shows and knows exactly how to charm the judges with her beauty and manners – a winning combination…

I told Pasha & Tanni they should be very proud of their little sister. Tanni purred loudly in agreement while Pasha strutted around in a manner which said ‘well she clearly takes after me then….’

Cats don’t you just love ‘em!


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Pasha’s early Valentine gift….

9th February 2018

Her Tale (Friday 9th February 2018)

All was quiet….too quiet….as the Siamese boys were outdoors in the garden….but I was far too busy with work to dwell on it.

Suddenly Pasha appeared at the window trying hard to hang on to a large furry creature – much bigger than him – whilst putting a paw on the window for me to let him in.

My immediate reaction was to scream and look around for someone else to deal with this….but I knew I was on my own with this one! I rushed outside to take a closer look and Pasha immediately jumped down from the window sill dragging this creature over to me… As if this wasn’t bad enough it appeared Tanni had a furry creature of his own….And there was yet another one lying outside on the path outside!

As I took a closer look I realized these furry creatures were in fact an enormous chunk of roof and wall insulation….where on earth had they got this from? A few quick calls to the immediate neighbours drew a blank. Further investigation was required…. So I set off to find the nearest building project and home occupants. As I approached I could see a huddle of neighbours no doubt discussing the kleptomaniac Siamese Cats….I soon found the wall insulation owner and arranged to return the pilfered wadding. I also got to meet the new neighbour – I have a feeling she isn’t going to forget us in a hurry…..


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A February morning….

7th February 2018

Her Tale (Wednesday 7th February 2018)


Another beautiful but icy winters day. Overnight we had a dusting of snow and this morning there was a variety of birds around the various feeders hanging from the cherry tree. All of a sudden I noticed a green flash – a parakeet must have noticed the new peanut holder. Do they eat peanuts? I believe so. Squawk gets around quickly in bird land!

As I went out to top up the feeders – amazing how quickly a flock of pigeons can strip a bird feeder – Pasha clambered up the tree like a squirrel and carried out a series of acrobatic moves. He really is so funny! I got the feeling the new peanut feeder may have been blocking his path as he hesitated trying to pick his way back down again.

It was so cold out we both made a dash for indoors – Pasha won the race!

Tanni wisely sat on the window sill watching and keeping his four chocolate paws warm and toasty!

Love Pasha & Tanni xx


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Treats for the boys!

25th January 2018


Her Tale (Friday 4th November 2017)

I am beginning to wonder if Siamese Cat Pasha really was the culprit dragging the heavy faux fur throw off the bed and around upstairs yesterday? Because this morning I caught Tanni in the act of knocking over freshly laundered and ironed linen (waiting to be put away) and pulling it across the room. Should I be surprised? Perhaps not as back in the summer I found Tanni had dragged a cat blanket through the cat flap where it had become stuck. I have no idea how he managed to jump through the tiny gap to get back in!

But that’s Cats for you – always resourceful!

Why are they both suddenly intent on re-arranging the soft furnishings and linen I wonder? Most likely due to boredom now they are spending more time indoors. I tell them many other cats are spending more time indoors too….  Then the two Siamese boys gaze back at me with those gorgeous deep blue eyes…. And I completely fall under their spell and melt….

Shock…horror I have just realized we are running low on Pasha & Tanni’s favourite treats – Hi Life Chicken Breast Treats (100% chicken breast, hand prepared & and no artificial additives).

I must remember to order a box from Amazon right away or the Siamese boys won’t be impressed…… It’s free delivery and with any luck the new box will arrive before the greedy duo will have finished this last packet!

Meanwhile it’s Bonfire weekend – don’t forget to keep Cats Dogs and all other pets inside. Got a nervous pet?  Forget going to that firework display and join me watching Strictly with a box of chocolates or a hot toddy – I can’t quite decide which!

Happy weekend from Pasha & Tanni!


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Happy Burns Day!

25th January 2018

Her Tale (Thursday 25th January 2018)


I have told Siamese Cats Pasha & Tanni that today is Burns Day in honour of the renowned Scottish poet Robbie Burns…. I told them he had a clever way with words and wrote beautiful poetry about love…and roses…. and many other things.      Pasha looked at me as if to say ‘you know what human? I am busy…in fact I am very busy…and far too busy to think about love, roses & poetry….’

I then tried Tanni who is the sensitive kind expecting a more positive response. He looked at me as if to say ‘’Did this Robbie Burns have a Cat…’? I had to reply that I wasn’t sure but I did know that he wrote beautiful romantic poetry….Tanni turned tail and sauntered off as if to say ‘romance….poetry….? I would rather have a Cat treat!

I am forced to the conclusion that some Cats just don’t appreciate the beauty of poetry – just as well I love them both anyway!


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